10 years ago, WAP launched the first splitting agent for flexo-wastewater treatment on the market.

This compact powder from the WAP GmbH FlexoFloc series called WAP FlexoFloc10 is the base product of the series, and in the meantime it has been expanded to 7 different products. As a compact agent in our house, all products are referred to, which both have the ability to separate stable aqueous compounds and then significantly increase the agglomeration behaviour. The addition of polymers in these agents is very low. As a result, very good filtration results can be achieved.

The following chemicals are available upon short notice:

 Flexofloc 10 - Chemikalie  Flexoflox M - Chemikalie  Grindfloc 10 - Chemikalie

WAP - Flexofloc 10
Our basic flocculant for flexographic inks

WAP - Flexofloc M
for particularly stubborn wastewater (also for decanter operation)

WAP - Grindfloc 10
Matched to the treatment of vibratory grinding waters

Since our systems are very often used in the various areas of surface technology, it was natural to offer corresponding WAP products. After intensive research and the composition of various remedies, we have succeeded in creating a very special flocculant for the field of vibratory finishing. Even with a small addition of one of our Grindfloc products, an extremely stable flake is produced, which is able to stably bind the abrasive particles and remains stable even during separation with the centrifuge/decanter.

However, the most notable feature is that these agents salt the water only very slightly. As a result, the centrate or filtrate can be returned to the working process.

  • Hydrochloric acid up to 32% in 5 l and 20 l. Container or IPC

  • Sodium hydroxide to 50% in 5 l and 20 l. Container or IPC

  • Hydrogen peroxide up to 25% in 5 l and 20 l. Container or IPC

  • Stabilized milk of lime 10 - 15% in IPC

  • Acid membrane cleaner WAP S 10 for ceramic and polysulfone membranes

  • Alkaline membrane cleaner WAP Al 10 for ceramic and polysulfone membranes